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The Butterfly Effect

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

According to chaos theory, small changes in initial conditions can radically impact later outcomes. The butterfly effect is often used to illustrate this point. It stipulates that a butterfly flapping it's wings can indirectly lead to a tornado weeks later.

If a butterfly flapping it's wings can create a tornado, what can I create by flapping my arms in lake Huron with the goal of getting around Manitoulin Island? Hopefully something beautiful and much less destructive. The truth is there is no way for me to predict or know, it is beyond me. However, I am hoping it leads to a cure for M.S.. I am hoping it inspires you to get active for a good cause. I am hoping that it brings you hope. I am hoping it brings you light. I am hoping it leads you to making the world a better place. Better start flapping.

Thank you to my sponsors who are making this swim possible : Active Therapy + Apex Warrior Endurance Swimming: Open Water Training Espanola Coffee Roasters Hunu Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada VO2Peak

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