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Solo Yet Never Alone

One of my biggest fears before embarking on this journey was loneliness. Such an intense training regimen of long marathon swims can be isolating. After finishing up an interview on my friend Glen's Life After High school Podcast, he gifted me a copy of a book called Solo Yet Never Alone : Swimming the Great Lakes by Laura Young.

Solo Yet Never Alone, those words resonated with me. Yes there would be some loneliness, but to achieve this goal I could not do it alone. I would need the help of amazing people to get there. I would need to form new relationships and added this value to the MSMS expedition.

Having only been a swimmer for 9 months, I had no idea how to plan or train for a 350km swimming expedition. I was inspired by Jillian Best's 52km swim across Lake Ontario, she was the first organ transplant recipient to complete the crossing. I decided to reach out to her and was thrilled when we started communicating. Jillian has been a huge help and has given me much advice on training, fundraising and put me into contact with many of my team members including Craig Lewin, Dan Simonelli and Christine Aresenault who are all incredible human beings.

Though I will be swimming alone, I am going on a 1 month camping trip with friends. I can't wait! I have met so many great people on this journey, too many to name. Know that I appreciate you, value you and I am grateful for all the relationships I have and will develop.

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