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"I am a finger pointing to the night sky. Do not just look at the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory." - Bruce Lee

The second value of the MSMS expedition is honor. I am swimming in honor of my Tante Claire and all the others who have passed away from MS.

I appreciate all the praise and support I am receiving towards this Manitoulin swim, the moral support is necessary to get me to the finish line. However, do not just look at me, or you will miss all those I am swimming for (My Tante Claire in particular). With my courage, I want to highlight yours.

Living with MS, or caretaking for someone struggling with MS, is the true definition of ultra-endurance. My 350km swim pales in comparison to the challenges some of you face. I am greatly inspired by the many individuals I have met who keep hope, faith and love amidst their difficulties. It is your spirit that is lifting mine as I struggle to complete this swim. You are my fire, you are my inspiration. You have value, meaning and purpose.

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