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Community - Value 3

To do amazing things, you need amazing people. I consider myself truly blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible human beings. You can achieve much greater things with others, than you can on your own. To make it 350km Manitoulin and to rid the world of MS, it will take much more than an individual, it will take a community. It will take you.

There is a team of 30 people that have helped make this dream a reality. Inspired by Troy Beauregard's Avengers t-shirt, my sports nutritionist, I decided to name this team the Adventurers. The Adventurers are fundraising, planning logistics and helping me with all aspects of my training and preparation. To find out more about these amazing people, check out the team section on our website.

I am really looking forward to the warmth and generous support of the Manitoulin island community and to all others which I will encounter on this journey. Together, we will achieve the impossible.

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