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January 31, 2022

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I have swum up-rivers, down rivers, in rapids, across 20 lakes, during torrential downpours, in the open waters of Lake Huron and Wanapitei. I have battled with strong currents and 6 foot waves. I will swim 350km around Manitoulin island and possibly face 15 foot waves. I am a man who has no fear, right? WRONG!!!

I actually have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. I would say I experience much more fear than the average person, but my perspective on it is different. Fear is my friend. I have experienced it so often and intensely that I have grown comfortable with it (though it is never pleasant). Like a wave I let it hit me and wash over me. Trying to avoid the wave only expends more energy and takes you away from the direction you want to be going.

Fear is your fuel, fear means awe and excitement. Fear means you are doing something that you have never done, that possibly no one has ever done. Fear means you are pushing your limits, that you are doing something incredible and meaningful. More fear, means more fuel, channel it into what you are doing.

To avoid fear is to avoid life. If I am not afraid, I get afraid, because it means I have stopped growing. "If you are not scared of your dreams, you are not dreaming big enough." I am terrified of my next adventure, but also so so excited!

A big thank you to my sponsors who are supporting me on my adventure :

Active Therapy + Apex Warrior Espanola Coffee Roasters Endurance Swimming: Open Water Training Hunu Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada VO2Peak

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