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Multiple Sclerosis Manitoulin Swim

Launched July 1, 2022 from Little Current, Ontario
Landed July 17, 2022 in Little Current, Ontario
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Summer 2022, Matthieu Bonin attempted a 350km swim around the largest freshwater island in the world to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.


But when it comes to the Great Lakes, even the best laid plans can go awry. On Day 3 of his journey, dangerously cold water temperatures along the shores of Wikwemikong sent Matt into a mild state of hypothermia. The decision was made to rest, reassess, regroup and restart from a safer location. It was tough to give up on the original dream, but when the waters speak, you listen. 

Matt completed his journey from a much warmer Meldrum Bay to Harbor Vue Marina on July 17, 2022.


Updates from the water...

Meet Matt

My name is Matthieu Bonin.  This July 2022 I will swim 350km in Lake Huron around Manitoulin Island. 


Why?! Why would I dedicate my summer to swim in this cold, dangerous, turbulent and unpredictable water.  I am swimming to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis research.

I swim to honor the memory of my Aunt Claire Poirier who passed away from this illness.
I swim to bring hope to the people who are suffering from this illness, and to their loved ones. With my courage, I want to highlight theirs.
I swim with the hope that one day it will lead to a cure.  Believing something is possible is the first step in achieving it. 


If someone who could not swim 50m and who was out of shape can be the first to swim 350km around Manitoulin island, then why not a cure for M.S.?

Thank you for your generous support!

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Words of Encouragement

Swimming around Manitoulin Island is no small feat. Matt is going to need all the karma, support, encouragement, good vibes, mantras, and kudos he can get, and here is where you can drop it.


Well done - Karen and I are celebrating your swim



WOW what an accomplishment...CONGRATULATIONS!



Keep on swimmin' swimmin' swimmin'!
Keep on truckin'!
Keep on keeping on!!!



So proud of you Matt! I wish I could be there to cheer you on at the finish line :)



Bravo M Bonin!!
We are planning on cheering you on in person in your journey!
Nous esperons vous trouvez.


Corey and Julie

Very grateful for your journey, I sincerely hope that this journey allows Canadian doctors to start offering the known existing cures. Also funding the diet known to work for MS patients. Canada has the most MS, but in my opinion, is furthest behind in doing the known diet with remylenation drugs while continuing existing drugs. Reset the immune system, remylenate. Fund travel for MS patients during winter. Do whatever it takes to cure these and the other many autoimmune disorders. We have the information, let's pull it together and help people actually use the information and get better. Supply what people need. The research is there - also for other neurology and autoimmune disorders. Don't give up.
Thanks again ☺️



Thank you for helping us fight for a cure!! You are changing so many lives and the fate of so many more with your courage. Every action counts. Keep it up :-))



You will lead a team of thousands living with MS during your swim ... Those living with MS can only accomplish their journey because they do not walk along and in your case swim alone



Thanks for the idol my kids needed! Your journey is inspiring and help them see they can do and be a thing they put their minds to!



You are kicking ass my friend! I’ll see you this week for a tune up!! Keep slaying those waves!



Cher Mattieu,
Dans la vie, nous avons tous à faire face à des défis. L’important, c’est d’aller au-devant de nos défis, trouver des moyens pour les surmonter et même oser les dépasser. Ça prend de la discipline, de la persévérance et de la créativité. Ce n’est pas facile, mais possible. Nous faisons partie de ceux qui pensent qu’il n’y a pas de barrière infranchissable. Il faut y croire…
Tu as choisi une cause qui a énormément de mérite.
Vas-y Matthieuǃ
Chantal et Darwin Pollock


Chantal et Darwin

I wish you all the best in this amazing journey. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.



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